Baby High Chairs And Educational Toys Buying Tips

Why is it that finding an adequately priced baby high chair in UK is such a hard task? It’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed if you are to the point where you need to buy your child or infant a high chair because the task of feeding them has become such a burden trying to do it with an ordinary one. Hopefully you’ve been a little be proactive, that is to say hopefully you aren’t scrambling last minute trying to find the right one. If you are however and you need a little help you’ve found the right blog. I drafted this particular article specifically to help new parents in their search for the perfect baby high chair.

Chicco, Svan, Peg Perego, the list goes on and on with popular high chair brands, but which one is really the best? When it comes down to specifics, each chair maker is famous or known for particular features that they implement in their chairs. Chicco high chairs, for example are well known for their bright colors and also for the fact that you can adjust almost every part of the chair, which truly makes it great when you have different tables and areas that you need to feed your kid at.

baby high chair 2017

Boon High Chairs are known for their stylish and unique designs as well as being extremely functional and easy to clean up after a feeding. The best practice to implement when it comes time to decide on the right baby high chair for you is to know what features are important to you. If you haven’t made a list, then do that right now. Searching for a high chair without a list of important features is like going to grocery store when you are hungry, everything looks good.

Choosing the right high chair for babies in UK

Once you’ve decided on the most important features for your baby’s needs, it’s time to hit up a couple of review sites. High chair review sites are a dime a dozen and unfortunately a lot of them are biased in their opinions. A few that we really recommend are and BHC ( You obviously have heard of Amazon if you are reading this post and use the internet so I won’t go into elaborate detail about it, but it’s great because it doesn’t filter reviews. BHC is an up and coming baby high chair site that is dedicated to dishing out honest reviews and believe me they do. I just read a review on their site that breaks down peg perego high chairs and how they are essentially just an overpriced version of the Chicco brand. (All the features are the same) Honest reviews like these are what an unsure parent needs to make an informed decision.

Once you’ve decided on the right high chair for your baby, it’s time to start hunting for the best price. The internet has made this last step a lot easier and we recommend two sites to start your bargain search. Craigslist is the first and is a great little classified section where you can find great local deals on new and used high chairs. The second site is and if you’ve never heard of it you are in for a real treat. Slickdeals a great community of deal seekers that find bargains all over the net and post them in a central place (the site itself). Simply visit the site and use the search function to search for the particular baby high chair that you want to find a discount on. So there you go a quick and simple guide to smart shopping for your kid’s high chair. Make sure you give yourself ample time to put in the research and you and your baby will benefit in the long run.

Features to look in high chairs in 2017

A usually tray-less highchair that you can pull right up to the table so your baby can eat with the rest of the family. It’s hard to believe it now when your baby is still a newborn, but your child’s high chair days are right around the corner. These too are often made of wood so may be more to your taste. A stand-alone is great if you have the space for an extra high chair in your kitchen or dining room. It generally accommodates kids through their toddler years and sometimes well beyond, depending on the weight limit, as they usually feature adjustable seat and footrest positions.

  • It’s going to feel like you blinked and your baby is suddenly ready to sit in a high chair.
  • They are also usually height adjustable so they can adapt to different table heights.
  • You can easily move it around, even from room to room.
  • The possible reason behind it is that the ordinary chairs are not child-friendly, and that’s why your kids may not like to settle down on this chair.
  • If you start your baby in a high chair too soon however, you’ll be setting them up for failure because they won’t be ready to sit themselves up fully.

They allow children to sit at table with adults and some of them convert into chairs for much older children – even adults – so the relatively large initial layout may be worth it in the long run. Also, you don’t have to worry about damaging or staining your existing chairs, especially if your high chairs are upholstered. So, what you should do is to buy a high chair. High chairs were once just large and unattractive pieces of furniture that never left the kitchen. Feeding your baby solid food is a huge milestone.

It doesn’t have any fabrics, it’s easy to assemble and store, easy to clean, it will last through several stages (not just babyhood), and it’s super cute! Most of these chairs are useful not only to the toddlers but also to their parents. While standalone high chairs are still widely popular, they now come in a variety of sizes with a number of designs and features to choose from. It opens a door to an entirely new world — to explore by tasting, smelling, and touching all kinds of new foods. These regulations include having a passive restraint (crotch post), a locking device to prevent accidental folding, secure caps and plugs, no small parts, sturdy trays that cannot be kicked off by the child, stable legs to prevent tipping, and no springs or scissoring actions of the mechanisms.

Your baby will surely want to spend their time while sitting on this chair. Smaller booster chairs and portable high chairs are also available for smaller spaces, and for traveling. It also means … it’s time for a high chair. Sometimes they can be both, but if you have to decide between the two, practical should win. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great high chair, there are great models available for all budgets.

For older babies, it might mean it’s time for a booster seat! Cleaning those things is hard! A high chair gets a lot of usage in the first few years, and we recommend you always invest in safety features over anything else. And you’ll be cleaning them a lot. Most high chairs come in either a wood or plastic-base (with plastic the easiest to keep clean).

Other toys that you can buy for your kids

Shopping for kids toys can be tough. Playing simple games with your newborn will really help with their early development. With toys, children can interact with objects for their own amusement while working on cognitive and motor skills, which is especially important in very young children and kids with learning or physical challenges. It’s important to match educational toys to your child’s age and stage of development. Even with age-range guidelines, it’s not always clear who a toy is best suited for—after all, though a toy may be recommended for ages 3 and up, a toy designed for a 3-year-old may not be quite as engaging to a 6-year-old.

From colorful cot mobiles to soft teddies, our guide will help you find toys for tiny fingers to grab, pull and poke. However, no one toy will allow your child develop faster. Children whose skills are incipient need a certain type of support, whereas those who are building from an existing knowledge base need others still. Your little one is a bouncy, playful baby with a love of anything interactive and noisy. Group toy choices by age and choose toys that focus on skills your child will understand.

The models from Gymini and Baby Einstein are perennial baby shower favorites. Browse our guide for playtime tips, as they learn all about different textures, sounds and the mysteries of cause-and-effect. Once babies can sit up and begin to use their hands, they’ll be able to learn from building blocks, baby books, and stacking toys.

Marble Run for kids
The marble run are great toys for kids in the range of 3-7 years. A good quality marble run will keep your kid engage for more than 2-3 hours. A marble run is not just enjoyable for kids, but it is also a great toy for developing problem-solving skills. The bases are sturdier than other brands – can hold plenty of marbles without breaking apart or crumbling down. A child offered two or three toys or activities as opposed to being presented just one option will feel as though he or she is empowered to make a choice, while in practice the adult has directed the play activity by limiting the number of options. Designs in the lower edge of budget range are not generally reliable. After all, the kids themselves have to put the piece together before they can play with it.

Marble run UK

It has plenty of pieces and structures to experiment with – useful for harnessing creativity and imagination. On the other pole, offering too many options for toy or activity can overwhelm a young mind, making it difficult for them to successfully make any choice and ultimately serving to be counterproductive. If you intend to make daily or even extensive use of the item, it is preferred to go for a product in the higher price points. They must learn how to build the structure by matching the holes and the runs in a way that the marbles will not get stuck. It has plenty of pieces and structures to experiment with – useful for harnessing creativity and imagination.

These toys are not only fun, but also they are educational in many ways. You do not need high quality item for infrequent use therefore a mid-range item will be enough. Not only marble runs can provide hours of fun to your children, but it’s also an excellent toy for your kids to grasp the basics of engineering, physics, and even geometry. This is one of those toys that the more you have the better it is. Marble runs encourage children to use 3D dimension and design skills in the building process.

One for the beginner, though many pieces may be added later, once the child has mastered the building. Which is why we made this guide for best marble runs for 4-year-old for you, the parent. Allowing you to build very large, complex and challenging models and sculptures. They must be able to visualize what the structure will look like as they build and make sure that pieces will fit together in all directions. The Whirlpool run comes with a large funnel, eight power-boosting accelerators and five curved rails that have the marble on some great speed runs from the start.

Balance Bike

Balance bike is another excellent thing to buy for your young kid. It will not help your kid learning how to ride a bicycle but also helps in fitness. A good balance bike in UK has metal frame and are designed in keeping safety in mind. These bikes are unique because they do not have pedals or a drive train. When it comes to balance bikes, size should be your number one consideration. These ranges of bikes are one of the best gifts parents can give to their kids as it can be used to prepare them for the fun challenge that comes with riding a normal bike, thus includes pedaling, balancing, using the brakes and steering. Bikes are also an important social tool for kids; no childhood memory could be complete without fondly recalling how you rode around with your friends and experienced the local landscape on your bike. Essentially, a balance bike consists of a frame, a seat, handlebars, and wheels. balance bike 2017

  • When standing over the bike, your child needs to be able to put both feet flat on the ground and have at least 2 to 3 cm clearance above the seat.
  • So instead of overwhelming them with so many challenges all at once, a balance bike can give them the best foundation to kick off. its important to measure their leg from the top of their crotch to the floor.
  • A balance bike is propelled and stopped by your child’s feet, rather than a drivetrain (with pedals and chain). Riding a balance bike will teach your child the core fundamentals of balance, coordination and steering control.
  • These bikes are designed to be low enough that the child’s feet can rest flat on the ground while they are seated.

Another way to measure this is by using your child’s inseam measurement. This will give you an inseam measurement. The best way to find the right size child’s bike is, of course, to pop them on the bike. Children can then push themselves with their feet to learn balance and steering. The inseam measurement is the distance from your child’s crotch to the floor. The seat height on the bike should be about one inch less than their inseam.

If you can, nip into a store and try a few out. Balance bikes take the child’s innate knowledge from other ride-on toys then leverage this knowledge into a quicker learning curve for pedal and bicycle riding. Balance bikes are available with 10′ to 20″ tyres. This should mean their feet can touch the floor flat to the ground so they are able to push the bike along. You’re looking for a bike where your child can put their toes on the floor when they’re sat on the saddle, as well as enough room for them to stand over the top tube.

Run bikes will allow our kiddos to get used to steering and balancing around on a two-wheeled bike as we give them the assurance of still be able to touch the ground all the time. Most bikes have 12″ tyres and the reason for this is they offer the widest range in terms of rider size. It’s also good to look at them from the side, to see if the bike is long enough for them. Bikes with 10″ tyres are generally only for toddlers up to 3 years old. Children tend to ride in a more upright position, but if they’re squashed onto a short bike then it can be unstable and uncomfortable. Bikes with 14″ tyres or more, generally can’t be ridden by kids under 4. Bike with 12″ tyres and adjustable seats can be ridden by kids from about 18 months up to 6-7 years.

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