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OK I have just read somewhere that it’s 100 days to spring; don’t worry it’s not quite time to panic just yet but it did get me thinking. Maybe this year I will try and buy toys and gifts that the boys could cherish and keep for years to come, instead of something that will be played with for a few days and then stuck in the corner to gather dust.

Each one is made with love and care, a proper heirloom and the perfect present for that special little person in your life. Perfectly in proportion, the scaled down seats are made from hand-selected pine wood and upholstered with your choice from a range of fabrics. You can leave them with a natural wooden appeal or they can be painted from a range of contemporary colours.

Fast forward just two days and the people we were buying from in Exmouth decided not to move on the agreed date (helpful) and decided to stay put for another 2 months (REALLY helpful). We then went back to the people buying out house and they wanted to move in within 2 weeks or else they would pull out of the deal (are you keeping up?). So, it basically left us with one option (well, two if you could homeless as an option)… live with the in-laws for two months. So I spent a somewhat stress-filled two weeks packing up all our stuff in Bristol and putting it all in to storage.

So, decision made, we put the house on the market and my wife applied for a few roles in Exeter and the plans for a ‘new life’ began. Fast forward a few months and my wife has started a new job in Exeter and the boys are getting ready to start nursery. The only downside for me is that I will have to commute from Devon to Bristol each day but I’m happy to sacrifice a few hours in the car so that the family can have a better way of life.